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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Inviting artists to create an original CD cover

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Artists ... join us as we bring the Greenlight Network CD project into full bloom.

The CD Project
This project is a CD (Greenlight Network Vol. 1) containing original musical contributions by 16 members of the Greenlight Network. Our aim is to sell 500 of these CDs (in the first instance) to raise money for Greenlight’s creative environmental projects.
Original Artwork Needed
We are asking for original artwork to be created (and donated to the cause) by artists/artistic individuals (for the first 50 CD covers). 50 pre-cut CD covers (heavy card) are available for this. Each completed CD cover will be a collector's item which the purchaser of the CD may want to frame. These ‘50 CDs with original artwork covers’ will be sold at a special price to raise money to duplicate the 500 CDs (first run) and print the actual covers for those CDs.
INTERESTED? Get your (blank) CD canvas cover and get started now!
Unique. Innovtive. Thought provoking environmentally conscious artwork. If you or any other artist you know would like to create at least one special edition CD cover, please let us know as soon as possible via e-mail (see link in right hand sidebar). The blank CD cover ‘canvas’ can be collected in the East at Greenlight's Headquarters: 21 Lyndon Street, Curepe. Please call Glen at 789-0786 for directions.

1. Theme: the cover should reflect ‘Environmental Concsciousness’ (whatever that term means to you/however you interpret it visually). Remember, this canvas is a mini billboard for vital and conscious messages ... and a potentially frameable work of art.
2. Cover must be handmade/hand done
3. Artwork must be flat, not raised (remember it is slipping into a CD jewel case)
4. Cover should have your visual artwork only (no text). The reverse side should have a simple environmental statement from your heart and your signature as the artist.

Please submit on or before Saturday 31st March to Glen @ 21 Lyndon Street, Curepe (789-0786) or contact Shivonne at 758-7915 to arrange drop off to her in Port-of-Spain.
Pass this link on to an artist!
Thank you!