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Friday, June 08, 2007

What are you waiting for?!

Adopt me!

Name: Purrson
Age: Approximately 10 weeks old
Current address: Vinmer Vet Clinic, Pole Carew Street, Woodbrook (but dreaming of sharing a home with a loving person or people)
Contct: Call Vinmer Clinic at 622-2773 for more information, a visit and hopefully to adopt him!

Please pass this information on to your mailing lists. You never know who will make it Purrson's lucky day! Might even be you ...

Please visit the website of Animal Welfare Network for more information on work they are doing for local animals ... and to get involved if it is in your nature.


Jonathan said...

He's cute, and I'd love to! but I have 3 cats I'm trying to find a home for as well!

Hope Purrson gets a home soon :)

Derek-Marie Selvon said...

I wish I could adopt him, he is sooooo adorable and I love cats but I can barely take care of this person so Purrson is not going to like living with me. Hope he finds a gr8 home soon. Good Luck.Deri