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Thursday, September 06, 2007

Green goes big screen: I SPY Environmental documentaries at Movie Towne/TTIFF

One of the young filmmakers (I SPY Things in My Garden) looks at the LCD screen of the camera.
The website for the TIFF (Trinidad & Tobago International Film Festival) is up. Check out the listings and write down dates in your dairy. There are lots of interesting films to take in.

Make time to check out the I SPY environmental documentaries which were filmed by varied groups of children age 7 - 10 ( (under the guidance of Elspeth Duncan (see blurb)). Fresh perspectives and new voices speaking on behalf of Nature. Even though the series was filmed by children, the important and interesting points they bring up (and they ways in which they deliver) are for all ages!

Links to further I SPY-related details on the TTIFF website:
1. I SPY synopsis

2. The calendar on the home page tells you which episode of I SPY is showing when (from 19th September onwards). They have been slotted into the 11 a.m. - 1 p.m. slots, daily (primarily for young viewers - but of course older ones are welcome :).

C & B there!

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