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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Thank You for coming to Love is Green

Many thanks to everyone who attended Greenlight Network's event "Love is Green" at Alice Yard on Friday 15th February, 2008. This was the celebration of our two years of existence ... and our way of opening the door to our third year, where our theme is none other than LOVE.

The night was full of great vibes, great people and lots of different happenings ...
Elspeth Duncan and Dream House
The night opened with Elspeth Duncan unveiling her DREAM HOUSE window lamp and showing the film that helped to inspire it (Invisible: Children living with HIV/AIDS). This was followed by a short presentation of the cause that arose from the making of the film: the building of a house for Veronica (the woman in the video) and her two children. Those interested in further information, a progress update or making a donation in cash or kind, can contact Elspeth at nowiswowisnow (at) yahoo (dot) com or 786-2539. Those interested in placing more dreams into the lamp can also make contact to find out where it is now and where it will be going next ...
Don't Panic
Those in attendance were also treated to musical performances by the innovative local group Don't Panic and conscious social rapper, Malik ... two of the sixteen excellent local musical acts featured on the Greenlight Network compilation CD: NATURE OF SOUND. All proceeds from the sale of this eclectic CD go toward future Greenlight Network environmental/creative projects. Those who purchased CDs on the night must be lolling back and enjoying the environmental musical vibes wafting or pounding through their speakers. Those interested in owning a Nature of Sound CD can contact Glenford Bhagat (789-0786) to purchase their copy.
Capoeira Angola display
Toward the end of the night, Chanzo Greenidge and his capoeira Angola group (Instituto Palmeiras gave a lively display that had everyone in the audience enraptured. Those interested in finding out more about capoeira Angola in Trinidad can contact Chanzo at institutopalmeiras (at) gmail (dot) com

The night closed off with an open mike session which brought fantastic poets and musicians out of the woodwork and into the spotlight. We need to see more of your performances! The audience seemed to really enjoy what you had to offer.

If you were there at Love is Green, feel free to leave your comment(s) on this post. We would love to hear your feedback. What did you enjoy? What suggestions do you have for improvement? What suggestions do you have for other events? What would you like to see Greenlight Network do? In what way(s) would you like to become involved with us?

More photos will no doubt be provided at some point, as there were lots of cameras clicking throughout the night. The images in this post are courtesy Agusto Murillo.

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