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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Meet MICHELLE RUDDER, piano virtuoso

Join us as we feature our GREEN CARPET performers one by one ...

Michelle Rudder
(Photo Courtesy: Michelle Rudder)

Her fingers will thrill you on Saturday 18 October 2008 at GREEN CARPET – Greenlight Network’s 2nd annual fundraising environmental concert. But for now, let's check out this interview to learn a little more about the person behind the piano.

1. When did you start playing piano?
When I was 3 ???? It was a 3 octave electric organ from the 1960s

2.What does music mean to you?
.... Life

3. What inspires you?
.... Emotions ... mostly the less plesant ones. When I am too happy, I can't create.

4.What are your other interests in life?
Art ... I returned to painting after almost 30 years. Also reading .. I am a knowledge seeking infomaniac. I like to think about life .. my own philosophies. I like to read up on medicine, meteorology, all sorts of science and tehcnology. I love reading everything.

5. The songs you will be playing for the concert - (without telling us what they are) - why have you selected those specific ones?
One is an original that I did last year. The others represent my favourite time of the day .... night time.

6. This is a fundraising and awareness raising concert for the environment - what is your take on ' the environment'?
Loving nature is part of loving yourself, loving life and loving God. It cannot be distinguished. Man vs nature? What is see happening in the context of the universe as an organism, what man is doing to nature is almost equivalent to someone coming down with an autoimmune disease .. i.e. when the body attacks/ destroys itself. We are destroying ourselves.

7. Free flow: anything else you want to say about yourself as a person, as a musician and/or about the concert and the environment?
In life, I live by the Kahlil Gibran quote ..."Life is indeed darkness save when there is urge". My urge to create and produce is strong. I live for it. Sometimes, the realities of day to day life as it has become threatens to suppress my creativity. What I have found is that if I can take the energy that I have, and instead of fighting the chaos, embrace it ... I can find ways to be creative and productive in spite of. No doubt the universe is unfolding as it should.

Date: Saturday 18th October

Time: 5 - 8 p.m.

Venue: La Joya Auditorium, Eastern Main Road, St. Joseph

Tickets: $150

Available from:
Glenford Bhagat - 789-0786

Shivonne DuBarry - 758-7915

Elspeth Duncan - 786-2539

50% of proceeds will go to WORC (Wildlife Orphanage and Rehabilitation Centre).

The other 50% will go toward Greenlight Network’s environmental projects. Have a look at some of our past ones.

Please forward this post to those you think will be interested in learning about our performers, attending the concert and supporting this worthy environmental cause.

Thank you!

Greenlight Network

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