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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

DVDs now available

Dear Greenlights,

First, thank you to those who turned out to Monday's meeting (22 May, 2006). Copies of the DVD (approx 15 mins in length) containing the three videos produced by Greenlight members are now available.

1. A - Z of Aluminium Smelters (Elspeth Duncan)
2. Use Your Voice (Dem Chirren Productions)
3. Please Stand (E. Duncan)
These videos, ranging from the 'artistic and symbolic' to the 'realistic', revolve around the core theme of the proposed aluminium smelters and aim to raise awareness around the issue. As such, we are asking that everyone who gets a DVD makes at least two copies which they will then give to others ... who will then make at least two copies and pass those on ... and so on and so on and so on. We also welcome donations of blank DVD-R discs.

For your free copy of the DVD compilation,
please contact Greenlight Network using the e-mail link on the sidebar.

At this meeting we also started discussing THE SOURCE, a series of upcoming environmental concerts/artistic events, to be held on the first Saturday of every month this year (in the first instance). Stay tuned for more on this innovative Greenlight venture as plans unfold.

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