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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

A tulip kiss from Canada

Photo: Shereen Ali

Dear Greenlights,

The above photo was sent to us today by our second Canadian member, Shereen Ali, along with the request to "send tulip kisses for all."

A little about Shereen: she is a writer and graphic artist living in Edmonton, Canada. She is also a volunteer for CPAWS (Canadian Parks and Wildnerness Society) and has been involved in The Great Human Race, an annual charity race for all kinds of charities. When she thinks about the kinds of projects she can get into as an international Greenlight member, she envisions simple things like planting flowers in barren areas (she planted the tulip in the photo above), conserving energy, building massive 'Minshallesque' puppets to act out green themes ... and she also suggests having activities like short story competitions for children - with the 'winners' being featured on our Greenlight website. Speaking of websites, she points us the website of environmentalist David Suzuki, who won the Order of Canada for his work in environmentalism. If you check out the site, note the Nature Challenge, which outlines ten very simple ways to make a positive change and conserve Nature. (There's even more that can be added to such a list). The good thing is, as we hopefully all know, contributing to positive change does not have to include dramatic, large scale efforts requiring masses of money and the support of big corporations in order to be effective. The smallest actions done by simple, everyday people like us can have tremendous impact, especially when we are sincere and consistent with it.

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