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Thursday, April 05, 2007

Nature of Sound: The Concert

Spread the word! There's never been a concert like this ...

For ticket information please call Shivonne at 758-7915.

Above is the flyer for Greenlight Network's upcoming concert on Earth DaySunday 22 April 2007. This concert, Nature of Sound, will be the launchpad for the long awaited environmental CD: Greenlight Network, Volume 1 ... featuring an eclectic mix of local musicians (both solo and group):

5 O'Clock Shadow
Anti Everything
Brother Resistance
Don't Panic
Elspeth Duncan
Glenford Bhagat
John Pollard
Mark and Joey Ng Wai
Navid Lancaster
Ozy Majic
Rahil Babooram
Sheldon Manoo
Tie Dye Kitty

At the Nature of Sound concert we will be selling 50 special first edition Greenlight Network CDs, each sporting a unique CD cover with original artwork created by different local artists.

Seating for 60 only, so buy your tickets now!
All proceeds benefit environmental projects.

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