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Monday, July 02, 2007

Thank you for the good vibrations

Thanks to those who attended Greenlight's In Time for You vibrational meditational event on Saturday 30th June. Your presence added to the very special vibes of the evening.

For those of you who could not make it:
Upon entering the room, each person selected a shell from a red mailbox at the door. These shells symbolised vessels which would be filled by the positive vibes of the evening.

The evening began with Natasha Holder giving a short talk on affirmations. She then gave us a few moments of silence to think about what we want in life and form an affirmation to claim this desire. This was followed by the passing around of Elspeth's Tibetan singing bowl. As each person received the bowl, he or she mentally placed his/her affirmation into the bowl and passed it along to the next person. After this, those in attendance lay down on their yoga mats and closed their eyes, relaxing as Elspeth played the Tibetan singing bowl. Its vibrating, ringing tones emanated the energy of everyone's affirmations throughout the room for about 15 minutes. Gradually, the sound of waves and whale calls filled the room, bringing yet another vibration into the space of the relaxed and receptive bodies. As the sound of the waves and whales faded, the singing bowl vibrated one final time with a harmonious, single tone - as if everyone's affirmations had come together as one powerful force. The evening ended with each of us giving and receiving shells with the understanding that the more we give, the more we receive ... and that sometimes, even when we have nothing in our hands, it does not mean we are 'poor'. In fact, there were times when we each had 'no shells' ... and yet we felt extremely full after our vibrational experience.

The remaining shells were offered back to the sea at the close of evening.

Thanks again to those who were present. We look forward to sharing future events with you (and others)!



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