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Monday, August 13, 2007


Mitch from Greenlight Network walks by with a large piece of garbage from Sunday's beach clean up at Balandra ... organised by Mystic Hemp.
Dear Greenlights,

Here is a recap of certain elements discussed at our meeting last Friday (to discuss the upcoming Greenlight Network environmental concert).

1. First we wish to thank those who were in attendance and gave fantastic contributions to our discussions:
- Glenford Bhagat (solo artise; founding member Greenlight Network)
- Elspeth Duncan (solo artise; founding member Greenlight Network)
- Troy Hadeed (owner of Mystic Hemp)
- Navid Lancaster (from the band Broken Mirroz)
- Mark Ng Wai (solo artiste)
- Mike Ross (musician, Radio DJ: 95.1FM)
- Anil Maharaj (from the band 5 O'Clock Shadow) 6207251
- Justin (friend of Mark Ng Wai)
- Malik

... and last but not least, the Spirit of Mother Nature who guides us in our actions.

2. It was decided that the name of the concert is to be LIVE THE PLEDGE.
The reason for this was inspired by a book available from Troy Hadeed entitled The Globl Warming Survival Handbook. Each artiste performing at the concert is being asked to start living an action that will contribute toward them reducing their negative impact upon the earth. E.g. carry your own reusable bag to the grocery instead of using their plastic bags; change the bulbs in your house to more energy efficient ones; if you drive a car, pledge to take public transport at least one day a week; collect your plastic bottles and take them to the recycling place (R.I.M.) ... and so on. These simple but effective measures add up to give the earth an ease-up. By the time the concert comes around, each artiste will be able to stand in front of the audience and speak from experience about what he or she has been doing to 'live the pledge'. Those in the audience who respect you and love listening to your music will most likely also want to follow your example(s) and start living the pledge in their own way.

Troy Hadeed will be providing an e-copy of a flyer he is distributing, containing examples of things we can do. Stay tuned ... and make your pledge!

As artistes living the pledge, we hope to encourage members of the public (our screaming fans) to do the same ... and more!

3. We discussed the creation of radio advertising for the concert. Each ad will feature an artiste saying his/her name, saying something about his/her pledge or about the environment in general ... after which information about the concert will be given.

4. There were discussions as to whether the concert could be held outdoors, rather than indoors. While all of us are in favour of an outdoor concert, it was decided that we would leave this for next year when we have more funding to enable that reality. For this year, 2007, we will have a blow-mind indoor concert.

There is still a lot of groundwork to be done. Those interested in assisting, please make contact. Call Glen at Greenlight's Headquarters: 645-0157.

Let us come together to make this a powerful show.

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Shivonne said...

Good stuff! Really excited about this one