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Monday, July 03, 2006

I DO ... do you?

Dear Greenlights, as you may or may not know ... on the first Saturday of every month we will be having a simple, symbolic, creative event to raise awareness on the streets of T & T. Our event for the first Saturday of July was The REvolution ...
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Taking awareness to the streets with the REvolution (July).
The idea for our next first-Saturday-of-the-month project (August) was brainstormed at this evening's meeting. The resulting project is called "I Do" and signifies the commitment made by each individual to care for the environment. As the idea is brand new, some fine tuning must occur over the month of July ... but for now, these are the basics of the project:
1. On Saturday 5th August, 2006, we will gather on Brian Lara Promenade, wearing white t-shirts and blue jeans so that we look like a cohesive unit. The time frame for this project will be 8 - 10 a.m.
2. Each Greenlight will have several pieces of green wool or ribbon, each of which will signify 'the commitment'.
3. Our mission is to approach people on the promenade and briefly let them know that the green band is a symbol of one's commitment to caring for the environment in any way possible. Inherent in this project is the question: Do you agree to make the extra effort to care for our environment in whatever ways you can? The inherent answer is (hopefully): I do.
4. Once the person says "I do", we tie the green band around their wrist. For as long as the person wears his/her green band (and hopefully even after they take it off), that symbolic gesture acts as a reminder that this person has made a commitment to care for the environment. Such awareness is vital. That green ribbon around someone's wrist could be the reason why they decide to toss their chocolate wrapper in a bin and not in the drain ... keep their beer bottle until they get home rather than pelting it out of the car window ... carry a garbage bag to the beach rather than leave a pile of plastic, KFC boxes and styrotex on the sand ...

As project details are developed, we will update via this blog. There is a lot more to come out of this particular venture as the month unfolds. Those who want to be a part of I DO are welcome to sign up early.

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