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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

The 'I DO' Project

Do you want to be a part of Greenlight Network's latest first-Saturday-of-the-month project:?
Do you promise to tell your friends and family about it so that they will come too?
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This project is interactive environmental street theatre. The 'bride', who represents "The Environment" will walk along the designated route, dragging her trail of plastic bottles behind her. These bottles are symbolic of the carelessly tossed bottles which clog our waterways and cause flooding and which need to be recycled or, at least, disposed of properly.
As 'the Environment'/bride walks from the far west of Brian Lara Promenade to Woodford Square, those of us assisting her will stop random members of the public and read the 'Environmental Vow' to them (see vow written on invitation). Once a citizen says "I do", we will tie a piece of green cord around his/her hand to signify commitment to a healthy environment ... and he/she will get to cut a bottle from the bridal trail and symbolically place it in a garbage bag.
By the end of the 'wedding march', the bride/Environment will be free of the plastic bottles which have been strangling her beauty. The bottles will be properly encased in garbage bags which will then be taken to Recycling in Motion where they will be crushed or chipped for export (to be recycled abroad).
If you would like to be a bridal attendant on the day, please write to Greenlight Network and let us know so that we can prepare a vow on paper for you. All attendants will wear blue jeans and white tops.
(Thanks to Janessa McKell for bringing the invitation concept to fruition).


Tish said...

I find this concept unique and refreshing in Trinidad. I'm interested in learning more about Recycling in Motion and it's location since I will be returning (for a long-term status) to Trinidad in a few weeks. I am also interested in participating in the group's clean up and advocacy programs. My email is

On an interesting note, I am currently in Japan and I find their garbage system simply amazing. They sort all their garbage into burnables, plastics, cans, glass jars, etc. This is practiced in public establishments and within the home. Although hard to implement into a society where the entire concept of sorting garbage may seem foreign, a little bit goes a long way and I'd love to see the day that Trinbagonians have such a system established.

tracy j said...

what a fantastic concept!
i hope/pray/wish the message hits hard/causes change in the mindset towards the environment.

like Bro. Resistance said; "Let my vibes be one with you Mother Earth"...