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Monday, August 21, 2006

I DO 2

A quick reminder that the follow up to the I DO project will take place on Saturday 2 September 2006 in Arima. So keep that day open if you intend to be a part of it. The exact meeting time, route and other details will be supplied closer to the date.

What has been done:
1. Yesterday a new bridal trail was made out of the plastic bottles
2. The wedding dress is being cleaned for its second incarnation as "The Environment"

What needs to be done:
1. Michelle to make the bridal boquet and confirm that she will wear the dress and play the bride/Environment
2. Write letter to police requesting permission
3. Plan route
4. Videotape event
5. Photograph event
6. Article
7. Environmental Commitment Vow to be printed an photocopied
8. At least 5 - 10 people to volunteer to be vow-readers/tiers of bands on the day.

Please contact us with any confirmation, suggestions and/or questions concerning the event. Thank you.

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