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Friday, August 11, 2006

Meeting and Mission

Thanks to the Greenlights who attended today's enjoyable and successful meeting to (a) view the I DO footage and (b) brainstorm our next project, to be taken to the streets on Saturday 2 September, 2006.

It has been decided that we will repeat "I Do", but with a few differences:
1. We will do it in Arima
2. The bride's trail will consist of other kinds of garbage, not just plastic bottles (the comment was made that Trinis love colour and the garbage could be more colourful. Also, different kinds of garbage will bring home the point of separating our garbage into plastics, paper, tin, glass, etc. for recycling. This kind of behaviour will not happen overnight, as many things need to be put in place. But they do it in other countries. No reason why we can't as well one day).
3. Our new member, Vikash, who is a statistical analyst, will be helping us to gather data so we can monitor the effectiveness of our efforts
4. We will print out sheets with information on locally-based companies which deal with the recycling of different materials (to give to civilians)
5. We will have a petition for people to sign re the need for the Government to get moving on implementing the plastic bottle bill
6. Michelle Issava has offered to play the bride this time around and to also make the bouquet (the old one mashed up).
7. We will have more people on the bandwagon

Those interested in being a part of this, please keep in touch. Updates will also be given on this blog/via e-mail.

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Nicholas said...

Elspeth, I'd love to help; keep me posted