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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

The Greenlight Network logo & rationale

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Greenlights, we are moving along swiftly.
Presenting our logo.
The three figures stand for the three aspects of our operations:
1. Creative action
2. Activism
3. Awareness

The three images have multiple visual meanings. They represent:
1. People coming together on behalf of Nature
2. Trees (symbolising Nature)
3. People with their arms upraised, holding green hearts (symbolising love and respect for Nature)

The number three also represents the three eyes with which we see (our vision):
Two, everyday human eyes enable us to see on a practical level what work must be done on behalf of Nature. Our Third Eye, the seat of spiritual vision, empowers us with intuition, heightened awareness and inner guidance, ensuring that our steps lead us in successful and effective directions.

(Logo design: © 2006 Elspeth Duncan)

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