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Thursday, April 06, 2006

The Greenlight Youth Arm

We welcome the Youth Arm of Greenlight Network: so far, Liam, Rianna and Anika ... enterprising and creative teenagers with their fingers on the pulse of this nation's major environmental concerns. Have a look at a recent e-mail they sent out to their peers (below):

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YOUTH of TrinBago!

Our right to live in harmony with our God-given green, healthy and beautiful environment is being threatened! Our future is in danger! We are the future of this country and right now our tomorrow looks very dim. Are you prepared to let a handful of politicians, decide the fate of our heritage?

The government is willing to destroy the immediate livelihood of our brothers and sisters on the Southwestern Peninsula of our island… IT DOES CONCERN US ALL! Remember we are ONE BODY ONE PEOPLE ONE LOVE! Besides, the effects of a smelter plant are far reaching. We can’t possibly keep all the polluted air in the South!

So you’re probably asking, “What is this about?”

There's a Master Plan in the Island of Trinidad that calls for the industrialization of South Trinidad.TWO ALUMINUM SMELTERS, a dozen other Gas and Energy Based Industries and more. Our main fight is against the two aluminum smelter plants, as they are most hazardous to our country! We pinpoint the company ALCOA (the world’s biggest polluter!), who is behind the bigger aluminum smelter plant proposed in our country and the BIGGEST in the Western Hemisphere!

So PLEASE as an intelligent youth of our nation with rights…

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